Wells Gray Provincial Park

Even though I enjoy working on the farm a lot, sometimes having a little break helps keeping the spirits up. So me and the other Volunteer decided to make a little daytrip to Wells Gray Provincial Park. It's just about one hour north of the farm and meant to be an amazing place well known for it's many waterfalls. I had actually planned going there for quite some time but somehow lambing got inbetween. So in the end I was even more exited about finally going. The weather that day looked super promising so we got up and left early. A good decision as we figured out later as this way we at least had solid snow to walk on for the first couple of hours.
As winter hasn't left us yet there was no big point in trying to go on any adventures hikes. So we sticked to the road following the clearwater river north into the park and stopped here and there at the most well known falls. As enough people had walked the paths before it wasn't to hard to get where we wanted to and so we haven't even had to use the snowshoes. 
To make it short, we had a fabulous sunny day with spectacular views of the many falls, nearly all on our own. So that's one of few positive side effects of the Corona-Virus... People are supposed to stay home, so if you're lucky you'll might have the beautiful places all to yourself. But I am not sure yet wether that'll be good enough to make up for losing my summer job and any opportunity to find some other job in the tourist industry... I guess I'll just have to wait and see what the next couple of weeks or maybe month bring. But so far Canada seems to be a way better place to be than anywhere else, so I don't see any need to come back to Germany yet...