Road trip No.1

Even tough the farm is a beautiful place, after a couple of weeks isolation up here I felt like a little drive arround the area might help to keep the spirits up. So I took out a map of BC and tried to find out which places and roads would make a nice day trip. Unfortunately most of the backroads are still unpassable because of the early spring conditions, but with a couple of hints and tips I finally set my mind on nice round trip arround central BC. 

The overall plan was to go from Barriere to Adam's lake - Kamloops lake - Cache creek - 100 mile house - Little Fort and back to Barriere.

To get from Barriere to Adam's lake I took the Agate Bay Road trough a beautiful green valley surrounded by steep forresty mountains on either side. Located in valley ground were several farms, with mainly cattle grazing on the fields. Even tough it is just one valley south of the farm spring seemd to have arrived here a few days earlier.

Distracted by the beautiful views I didn't even realized that I've reached the end of the road already on got stuck by surprise when the bright blue Adam's lake suddenly appeared right in front of me. It defenitly had something like a 'travel guide advertisement touch' to it. 

From here on I contiued south through to forrest atop the shore. Every now and then the blue of the lake shimmered trough the dark green of the trees and I could catch a glimpse of the lake below. 

Once I passed the lake the landscape changed rapidly. The dense green Forrest suddenly gave way to open grasslands and sandy mountains. I continued westward on highway 1 to Kamloops and Kamloops lake, where I took a little break to stretch my legs. The bare mountains and little bushes everywhere reminded me a bit of Australia or the area arroud Lake Tekapo in New Zealand. But what faszinated me the most was how rapidly the scenery had changed. 

The next obvious change followed as I turned back north on to hwy 97 in Cache Creek. Gaining altitude the valley got more and more narrow and trees started to appear on the slopes again. After passing the cute little town of Clinton without stopping (the social distance has to be kept...) I turned towards Chase provincial park. Without knowing what to expect I got suprised by fantastic views down the kliffs of an immense gully. 

Back on the main highway I continued north to the still snow covered 100 mile house. The mountains slowly flatted out and got replaced by frozen lakes and lots of Forrest.

Here I turned back east towards Little Fort. Driving along several lakes in a 'winter wonderland' I realized how much I appreciated the spring that slowly melted all the snow on the farm. 

Getting closer to little fort the Thompson River Valley appeared below. Winding down the side of the mountain I could see Dunn peak right on the other side, the tall mountai s of welly gray to north and the Thompson River winding its way towards Barriere and Kamloops in the south.

Having had that nice little day trip I now hope that they'll reopen the highway pullouts and provincial parks soon, so I could go on a couple of multi-day road trips next...