Camper try no. 2

I know, i've been fairly quiet recently which doesn't mean there is nothing happening here. On the contrary, there is allways something going on, but nothing really to write long storys about. I am still staying at Raven Ridge, enjoying my days with the lambs who are slowly growing into sheep. Last week we finally weaned our bottle lambs so they are all on their own now and will probably fogett all about us in not even a week. It's too bad, I really enjoyed hanging out with them... So the question is who needs more weaning, the bottle lambs or myself? I recon it's me... But it does have a good side to it too. Now I might finally be able to get my bud up and make some plans for going on. 

I originly had committed to go to a cattle ranch in Ontario in June. It sure seems to be a great place, but that was when I still had my old truck and thought I had everything under control... Ever since I crashed that one I am kinda bouncing arround from one idea to next with no ambition to realy get trough with anything. It would just be too easy to just stay at Raven Ridge.

But I've got a new old truck now (did I mention that before? I don't remember...). I bought the old farm truck that was standing arround there for 3 years. It sure needed quite a bit of love and repairs, but I am slowly getting there. In order to relocate my bed out of the old truck and Into the box of the new one I picked up a canopy and put it on. And then I actually had to redesign and rebuild the whole bed... But not to bad, it only took me a few days this time... With this one I want to make sure I can finally take it camping after all! 

In the meantime I went camping with a tent in the upper fields of the farm. To be honest, no need to go anywhere else, that spot is fantastic! But I am quite glad the mosquitos hadn't hatched back then... And I was glad that guardian dog Luke accompanied me...

I also took my old truck camping one more when we were too lazy to bring the sheep back home in the evening... So I just pulled my truck in the field with them and camped there in order to scare away any uninvited deadly visitors... 

And we've got some nice birds visiting the farm lately. We'll, how ever your definition of nice is... I do really like the humming birds that swirl arround the porch now and accompany us during coffee time. They are quite funny to watch when they fight over their territory.

With the turkey voulcers it's a bit different. They are rather ugly creatures and when they all circle arround your head it definitely makes you feel uncomfortable. Nevertheless they are impressive after all! 

And of course we've still got our lambs and calf's and chicks...