Hitting The Road

Black bears in Revelstoke National Park
Black bears in Revelstoke National Park

I still can't believe that I really left Raven Ridge Farms. The last three month just disappeared in a heart beat. Its a good sign that I enjoyed them I recon.

I have learned so many things. not able about farming, but about life in general too. Most important, there is always a way out, doesn't matter how stupid a situation seemed to be.

With the virus going on so many people ask me how I am holding up and how it affects me. Its honestly hard to say as I have nothing really to compare my life here to. I don't know how Canada is or was before Covid. The only thing I can say for sure is that I still have a great time. Who knows whether I would have enjoyed Whitehorse and working all summer at all?! It's not that life has just stopped only because you're supposed to keep social distance, it just took another turn and I am determined to make the best out of it. There will be tough times and there will be easy times there will be great times and there will be bad times. In case it ever gets to much tough, I know I can always turn back to the farm and find a welcoming home. It feels good to have that security. Angela and Dan didn't force it soon me, it just happened which makes it even more feel like a second home.

As departure came closer during the last few days it felt like I am taking off to a great adventure, totally forgetting that Ian on a great adventure already. Which sure doesn't mean it hasn't been adventures enough... The last 2 weeks I mainly spent getting the truck ready for the long drive to Ontario. It felt a bit like every time I touched something, something else broke. Actually not at the truck itself but the canopy.

I 'test-slept' it once, two days ago with the sheep up in the top field and I have to say, it was super comfortable! So I am really looking forward to finally they it out properly now. On my first day of traveling today I didn't really stop at too many places as I had seen most of it before, what was new was Revelstoke NP. Unfortunately the road in was only open for the first 8km as I was still a bit early in the season. But the views were nice anyway and I saw my first 2 black bears along the side of the road. I mean I knew they'd be big, but yes, they are. I sure wouldn't like to share my camp with them... So I hoped they wouldn't visit me at my camp that night.

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