Stories Of Foxfire Ranch

I'm sorry for updating so late. I started writing this about 6 weeks ago but somehow everytime I tried to edit it everything got deleted again. In the end I've got to admit that I gave up on it for a while... I hope maybe I can catch up with what's happening sometime soon...

Even though I do not have many pictures to share with you, I do sure enough have some stories. 


Life here in Northern Ontario, pretty much on the northern edge of civilisation (at least in this part of Canada) is full of challenges that make good stories to tell. Even though we are around the 49th latitude here, so quite a bit further south of for example Berlin the climate is rather comparable to the sub arctic I guess (not that I have ever been there...). In Winter the temperatures drop regularly below - 30 or - 40°C, something I can not even really imagine. On the other hand in summer you still get the +30°C. And the bugs. Never forget about the bugs over here... When I came here they weren't too bad, but during the last few weeks their number just exploded. Now I am at the point where I struggle what to wear when I go outside. On the one hand you want to wear as little as possible as it's over 30°C, but on the other hand you want to cover as much as possible to fight off the bugs. Most of the time I favour being hot to being eaten alive. But it's no wonder there are so many bugs. The forests over here are endless and swampy and at every corner you can find another hidden lake. Biggest and best known is for sure the lake of the woods (I think I wrote about that one before). The lake of the rich and famous you may as well call it. It is dotted with little islands, most of them privately owned with a 'little holiday cottage' that is bigger and more fancy than any city mansion I know of. A beautiful lake nevertheless. The weekend before Canada day we went on a little camping trip out on the lake. We loaded the little boat, stoped at the supermarket docks in Kenora and went on to Scotties beach. It is a beautiful white sand beach in a lagoon, surrounded by lush green bush - simply amazing. I ended up enjoying it so much that I stayed for 4 days instead of just one night. The lake was simply so beautiful and the weather so hot that there was no other choise than to stay. 


Closer to the farm is lake Blackbluff. A beautiful clear swimming lake with a little sandy beach and boat launch. Instead of hauling water for the shower we often just dove down there and jumped in the lake instead. It's way more convenient. 


My first week here we mainly spent finishing the fencing arround a new property line. Even though most of the posts were pounded already, and the wire was up in most places there were still a few places they couldn't reach earlier this year as the ground was still frozen or so muddy that you couldn't get trough. We ended up Bush crashing most of our days. Twigs and branshes everywhere, no path to be seen, hidden muddy holes that wanted to swallow you and bugs buzzing arround our heads. What started adventurous ended up beeing super annoying. For every 5min jobs we had to calculate at least 2 hours to get arround. We enden Up having to take the Kanu to reach one of the fence sections which was pretty cool to be honest. We launched a few kilometres down the highway and paddeled or way back along the river. Along the way we got accompanied by beavers, deer and lots of birds, most impressive a blue heron and a bold eagle. It was quite stunning Andy ferry nice change to bush crashing. 


We've also tried taking the horses a few times, which didn't make things any easier at all. Even though the horses are probably the bravest I've ever ridden some places were still impassible. Because the past few weeks were super rainy and wet all the creeks flowing through the property were well filled and the edges soaked. Pushing the horses through they sank in all the way to their bellys. I don't blame them that they didn't want Togo back through on our way home. Tracey had the great idea of walking them through - not quite as smart either. Instead of the horse now she got stuck in the mud all the way to her hips. I experienced it a day later too, quite treacherous that quick sand mud. The last option we had to get around was taking the little 4x4. No need to sty, we got it stuc regularly. I think the record was getting stuck 3 times in one day and nearly getting the tractor stuck too when we tried pulling the car back out. 

With all that getting stuck in the bush I even more enjoyed working around the barn and learning how to drive the skid steer and excavator. It is so fun!


All in all live out here has been quite the challenge and as much as I enjoyed it, it also made reply appreciate the little things like going to a toilet without getting attract by bugs or having a shower without carrying buckets of water.