A Short Trip To Thunderbay

As I knew the chances were pretty low that I'll get back to Ontario any time soon I wanted to make most out of my trip. As distances are long in Northern Ontario and roads are rare the amount of places I could reach was quite limited. It wasn't a hard decision to make Thunderbay my destination for the weekend. 6hrs drive east, at the northern shore of Lake superior, the next noticable town to reach. Nice enough, but one day was pretty much enough to see everything there was to see in the area. 

I started my little exploration at Kakabeka falls. They are knows as the little brother of Niagara falls. I've got to admit, they are quite nice and impressive. Unfortunately way too close to the main highway and therefore the perfect picturespot for everybody passing through who doesn't want to walk more than 10 steps for the shot. 

After sleeping in the back yard of some friends I knew from Scotties beach I headed out before sunrise the next morning to get to the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, nested on a Peninsula in Lake Superior. The lake doesn't look like a lake at all, it's more off an ocean or the sea. I was quite surprised to find myself at 'the coast' in the middle of North America....

Last but not least there was only Ouiment Canyon left. An easy 500m boardwalk stroll to a nice viewpoint down the Canyon ...

As surprisingly as things change this ended up to be my last weekend in Ontario at all.Apparently Tracey had organised me a job for a Landscaping company with her son in Whistler. Only condition was that I had to be there as soon as possibly. So after coming back to the Garmin Sunday afternoon and having a nice birthday night out at a 'wilderness pub' up the road I packed all my stuff and left on Monday - back to the mountains, back to BC, once again crossing half the continent. This time I didn't even plan and spending a lot of time in the Prairies. My first destination along the way was Jasper, all the way back in the Rockies.