Weekend Adventures

Lookout over the valley with MtCurie on the left
Lookout over the valley with MtCurie on the left

The main motivation for going to Whistler was to start working fora Landscaping company here. The whole thing got set up by Tracey who's son is working for the company too and said that they need an extra pair of hands. As housing in Whistler is hard to find, or let's rather say affordable housing, I went to stay at the company owners farm in MtCurrie, close to Pemberton. 

Neither of us knew what to expect so we started it all as a kind of experiment. Next to the company owners and their three girls (age 16, 14 and 9) there were three dogs a cat a rabbit and a guinnipig - and that's just counting the house inhabitants. Outside they had a horse, 6 Lamas, 5 sheep, a few ducks and lots of chickens. Quite he busy place, I can tell you! Looking for the terrace I've had the most magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.

Next to working for the landscaping company I helped out on the little farm and arround the house for my accomodation and food.

Live here didn't no a stop or even a break, we always busy with something. Nevertheless they found the time to show me a bit arround too. So on weekends we usually went on a family trip for one day. 

The first trip we made let us to Birkenhead lake and provincial park. A beautiful mountain lake that usually is supposed to be amazingly clear. Unfortunately the lake must have just turned the day before as a thick layer of slimey gue swam atop and everything smelled a bit like dead fish. So I left the swimming to the rest and enjoyed the beautiful view through the valley and the sunshine at the beach. 

We defenitly got more lucky the weekend after when we went to portague cove on the Howe Sound. The Pacific ocean, for the first time since I'm in Canada. It was beautiful! And just a little bit south of Squamish, not even an hour drive from Whistler. The Howe Sound is one of the biggest in all Canada. The glacier fed turquoise water lingers between the towering mountains making it a picture perfect spot to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. We hang arround the windy shore everybody equipped with a kayak or SUP and fought against the wind and current in order to not drift of too far.

The day went by way to fast, let me tell you, but luckily the weeks went by just as quick. So the next weekend came in no time and we took off again to explore the next lake - Anderson lake. Due to handy relationships and friends we were able to go on a nice boating trip. Once again we were super lucky hand had the most nice weather and sunshine. The water was still freezing cold though but way to tempting to not dip in. The boat ride itself was a blast and the scenery once again stunning. Along the steep shore line I could see the train tacks of the rocky mountaineer. The tiniest little line clinging to the steep mountain slope right along the water shore. It has to be a spectacular ride, from Vancouver all the way to Jasper. But there is no way of experiencing it this summer, Covid closed it down. Even more lucky I am to have seen it all from the boat. 

We spend the day checking out different swimming spots, the girls went tubing while I enjoyed the view from the boats roof, snorkling and freediving at an old underwater dock surrounded by the clearest water imaginable and last bit not least hiking up to a hidden pretty waterfall. On the way back to the boat we also discovered the ruins of an old homestead. Overall it was an amazing day and I am quite grateful that they took me along and gave me the opportunity to see it all. 

The following Tuesday I had off work, landscaping as well as farming and took the opportunity to finally go out hiking. Most of the hiking trails and Parks in the area required a day pass for which you needed a fast Internet connection at 6 o'clock in the morning or like the famous Joffre Lakes, they were closed at all. The good thing is, that it forced me into discovering less well known trails. I followed a recommendation and went up to Rohr lake. Magnificent!  That's all I can say. As the trailhead itself is quite high up already the hike up only took me about 1.5 hours. At first steep through the forest before crossing a beautiful little mountain meadow and than pretty much climbing up a boulder wall before reaching the glistening waters of the lake. I continued along the shore, arround the lake and a little further up to the ridge. The views looking back were spectacular - I am certain that they will haunt me for quite a while. "That time when I went hiking up to Rohr lake, oh the views... They were so stunning!" It would have been a perfect place to set up a tent and spend the night. 

In the end my little Whistler adventure didn't last as long as first expected. It simply didn't work out the way we had it arranged. But we separated in good spirits and that's what's most important. Anyway, I packed my stuff and went on my way. What was planned as just a short weekend visit in Barriere ended up beeing my next destination.